Specere I: Appareil (photofilm)

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“The present epoch will perhaps be above all the epoch of space. We are in the epoch of simultaneity: we are in the epoch of juxtaposition, the epoch of the near and far, of the side-by-side, of the dispersed”

[Michel Foucault]


Specere I: Appareil (2017) examines the theatricality and spectacle of the modern museum through Michel Foucault’s proposition of this being a heterotopic space of governance and surveillance. The title Appareil alludes to both the camera and the museum space itself as physical embodiments of survelliance apparatus.

This spatialised large-scale rear projection piece was documented over a two-year period in different London museums – the juxtaposed photographs and audio explore the hidden-public spaces and emulate the physicality of the museological space in a bid to disclose metaphorical remnants of the earlier archetypal Wunderkammer within.

This film contains audio.