Industrial Landscapes

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This is a monochrome film-based project spanning approximately ten years in both South Africa and the UK since 1996.

Industrial Landscapes documents the aesthetic in empty industrial spaces and structures. The sites have a grandeur and air of mystery to them and are the surviving remnants of our past industrial age.

These gothic industrial cathedrals containing large cavernous spaces and the detailed architectural frames of the gasometers are few nowadays – most of them have either been demolished to make way for housing or have been redeveloped.

An editorial feature focused on power stations in London was published in the Observer Magazine, (“Powerhouses” – 17 June 2001).

All 20×16″ silver gelatin prints are hand-printed and toned by myself and are available for purchase. Prints are held in private collections in South Africa and the project has been widely exhibited both in South Africa and in the UK.