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Fractures started in Cape Town in 1995 and is predominantly but not exclusively captured on the street.

Fractures is about slicing moments out of time with the camera – moments not usually picked up by the eye and representing that moment to the viewer in order to reconsider the event occurring.

Like the space between two songs on an album or the space between two words on a page, it is these pauses that splits an event into its singular moments.

Recalling Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ‘decisive moment’, recording Fractures is all about anticipation, juxtaposition, composition and complete surrender to the world unfolding in front of the camera.

The images are shot using both analogue and digital media. Prints are 16×12″ silver gelatin/c-type prints and are available for purchase. I would like to find the time to create a book on Fractures as the images shown here are just a selection from a large body of work built up over a period of twenty years of committed street observation.