A Roadside Project

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This is was a two-year blog project recorded between 2012 and 2014. The photographs are shown here, but you might want to visit the blog to read the musings as well: https://acmurphyphoto.wordpress.com/

This extract is from my first post:

I am in the car a lot, driving across counties to get to my lecturing jobs. I get frustrated at the number of lost shots I see flash past my car window – gone… again. Sometimes, the same shots each week. Sometimes, significant time passes and the shot changes or even vanishes and I think I learn from my mistakes, not to leave it so long next time.

So this is my roadside project, to amend for all those lost shots over the years. Using a 35 mm Holga pinhole camera and logging the shots in some chronological order on this blog, I hope to appease my guilty conscience. The subject matter will be predominantly documentary, which for me entails the recording of what is in front of me and so is open to anything that aspires to becoming an image. The only rule is that the photo can only be taken of a view seen by the road i.e. on the roadside (give or take a few meters).

I am an ‘accidental tourist’ – always have been. Moving around from place to place, in constant flux. And embracing the film image again, from where my photographic life started. These two parts seems to fit – hints of nostalgia and memory of more carefree times perhaps.

The softness of the pinhole image certainly captures the fleeting and forgotten state of the roadside shot – there is a certain fragility there, both in the longevity of the shot and in the medium that harmonizes this relationship between the two.

And so it begins …